OPTIONS FOR: Round 12mm Medallion Necklace “Circle of Life” (Silver)


  • Your DIY by MILKIES® kit holds the potential to craft more than the single setting included. The mix of your breast milk and our preservation agent is enough for up to 3 additional settings. Choose matching jewellery settings and fill them with your breast milk all in one creative process! You will receive them in the color matching your original setting.

    • Extra Setting - Round Ring “Circle of Life” - Silver

      • *Select size of the Ring

    • Extra Setting - Round Earrings “Circle of Life” - Silver

    • Extra Setting - Round Chain Bracelet “Circle of Life" - Silver


    Let's make your jewelry as unique as your journey. The options below add a personal touch - like engraving a baby name or birth date on a tag, adding a birthstone or a zodiac sign charm to make your jewelry a narrative of your cherished moments.



    • Birthstone - Silver



    • Zodiac sign - Silver

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